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Product Description

Bushido Combat 8-strand braid is available in 150 yard spools. Moss green is available in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 65 lb and lime green is only available in 10, 15, and 20 lb.


Advantages of Bushido Combat 8-strand braid:


*Intensified Signal Relay
Zero elongation, meaning no
line stretch, creates enhanced
lure control and direct
transmission of fish strikes
with immediate hook sets.


*Extreme Abrasion Resistance
Bass Professional designed with
the ultimate materials & methods
focused on peak performance on
the water in extreme conditions.


*Thinner Line Diameter
Utilizing stronger multiple
individual fibers creates extreme
diameter to strength ratios
exceeding industry standards.


*Advanced Super Slick Coating
Technology & science meet to
create a long lasting, smooth
friction free surface for the
ultimate line performance
& longevity.


*Stronger Than All 4-Strand Braid
Cutting-edge manufacturing
technology interlaces numerous PE
fiber strands together for superior
breaking strength.


*Quiet & Smooth Casting
Innovative round line construction
is encapsulated by an unsurpassed
coating process decreasing line
flow friction.


*Reduces Line Twist and Knotting
Tight Diamond weave pattern
creates the roundest braid on the
market translating into less line
twist & fewer wind knots.


Engineered to prevent water
absorption to maintain line
buoyancy while sealing the
line from grime & damaging


Bushido Fluorcarbon braid is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 lb, 110 yard clear spools


Advantages of Bushido Fluorocarbon:


*Thinner Line Diameter
Designed to provide exceptional
performance and durability with extreme
diameter-to-strength ratios beyond
industry standards.


*Superior Breaking Strength
Bushido Fluorocarbon line is engineered
to provide superior knot strength and
breaking points exceeding industry


*Soft - Low Memory Line
Advanced design allows a softer line
with low memory ideal for casting and
working baits with a reduction in
knotting and tangling.


*Extreme Abrasion Resistance
Advances in materials and
manufacturing allows this supple
line to withstand abrasive conditions
when fishing at a professional level.


*Increased Sensitivity /
Improved Angler Reaction
Formulated for low stretch, Bushido
Fluorocarbon’s density transmits
strike vibrations and enhances
angler hook set reaction rates.


*Low Visibility
Technology enhanced clear tint
coloration offers a reduction in
light refraction further reducing
in-water visibility.