Only sold as complete sets:
Set includes 1 stripper guide, 1 transition guide & 7 running guides(9 total based on a 7' spinning rod, additional running guide available for longer rods). Also includes suggested layout measurements

 TIDAL WAVE .... A new introduction, this complete set offers solid titanium frame running guides with TiON, titanium coated 316SS frame stripping and transition guides for strength and durability. This set is a “hybrid” guide train combining the best principles of stainless & titanium materials into a light weight balanced corrosion free MicroWave™ Line Control System


Nanolite Ring, A Proprietary Zirconium blend of material provides the ultimate in hardness & durability. The strength of our Nanolite ring allows elimination of materials which results in reduced weight without sacrificing strength. Hardness and low coefficient of friction means these rings will easily handle all of today's modern braids and super lines.

DuraLite, proprietary high grade Aluminum Oxide based ring material allows for the reduction of material volume meaning lighter weight and higher compression strength. Economical and highly durable, these rings are popular with rod manufacturers.

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